Aliens Fireteam Elite: Complete Release Schedule

Cold Iron Studios just announced the release date for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, as well as the fact that the game’s name has been changed from Aliens: Fireteam to Aliens Fireteam Elite.

“Aliens: Fireteam Elite,” a three-player cooperative survival shooter set in the Alien world, will be released on August 24th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC (through Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X by 20th Century Games.

The game‘s price ranges from $39.99 to $39.99, and it includes four story-driven campaigns. It also contains Colonial Marines that may be customized. The game’s deluxe edition will set you back $69.99 and will contain four cosmetic DLC packs that include class kit skins, weapon colors, and other head accessories.

These are available as part of the game’s Endeavor Pass. The Endeavor Veteran Pack is included with the Deluxe Edition and adds extra cosmetic items. The publisher has said that there would be “free significant gameplay updates.”

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Bonus for Pre-Ordering

Players that pre-order the game will receive additional bonuses, including access to the Hardened Marine Pack, which includes several cosmetics, including the “Chestburster”, emote and a bandana that completes the Private Vasque appearance.

The anticipation for the release of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Cold Iron Studio’s combat-heavy take into the Alien property, is considerable. For a long time, they’ve been overshadowed by shoddy games like Alien: Colonial Marines. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a significant improvement and a breath of new air. Furthermore, unlike Alien: Isolation, which focused more on the horror aspect of the Xenomorphs, Aliens: Firearm Elite will be a departure because it was designed to have more of an action element, similar to the ever-famous sci-fi franchise’s second film.

Players can now start counting down the days until Aliens: Fireteam Elite is released on August 24th at midnight EDT! The complete release time and schedule can be found below.

VancouverAugust 23, 9 PM
Los AngelesAugust 23, 9 PM
New YorkAugust 24, 12 AM
Sao PauloAugust 24, 1 AM
LondonAugust 24, 5 AM
ParisAugust 24, 6 AM
MoscowAugust 24, 7 AM
Hong KongAugust 24, 12 PM
SydneyAugust 24, 2PM

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