All You Need To Know About BGMI’s New Game Inspired By ‘The Witcher’ Franchise

The creators of Battlegrounds Mobile India have hinted at a new game based on The Witcher. To assist users, we have compiled a list of all relevant information about this game.

Krafton just had a live webcast of their “The Way to Meet the World” and revealed a lot of information about their upcoming releases. The developers have now teased a new game based on The Witcher franchise. The gamers have caught up on this and are attempting to find out more information about it.To assist these readers, I’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about the forthcoming Krafton game.

Developers at BGMI work on games that are similar to The Witcher

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s creators are presently working on a new game for the game’s users. They’ve begun development on it, and the game has been given the codename Project Windless. The game will be based on the Korean novel series The Bird That Drinks Tears, according to their latest live broadcast event “The Way to Meet the World.”Because this is extremely similar to the premise of The Witcher, gamers have drawn parallels between the two games. This Japanese tale follows the lives of four tribes: humans, Rekkon, Nhaga, and Tokebi. Not just the fans, but also Krafton’s CEO, Chang-Han Kim, has been tying his game to the already popular The Witcher franchise.On the live event, he was talking about his game and remarked, “Let’s use The Witcher as an example.”

The CEO of Krafton on The Witcher

He noted that The Witcher is a well-known Polish fantasy tale that has been turned into a AAA game. He wants to replicate the game’s popularity, which led to it being turned into a Netflix series. This is mostly due to the high desire for outstanding IPs and a fantasy setting with extensive mythology. Krafton has already announced that the new IP will be developed into a worldwide franchise.However, they have not said how they intend to do so. It also appears to be too early to make any predictions about how the game will play out. This is due to the fact that the game’s concept art was only published during this event. The game’s creators haven’t made any public announcements regarding it. So keep an eye on the game’s official social media accounts for any changes.

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