Amouranth is back on Twitch after a 3-day Ban Complete Determination

Twitch has lifted its sixth ban on famous broadcaster Amouranth, enabling her to return to the platform within three days.

Amouranth, a famous Twitch streamer, was banned from the platform a few days ago without an explanation. Amouranth released a video in which she addressed her Twitch ban (which also included Instagram and TikTok bans) and said that she wasn’t sure why she was banned this time. Amouranth’s channel has finally been restored, despite the fact that fans still don’t know why Twitch blocked her.


There was considerable concern that Amouranth’s fifth Twitch suspension might be indefinite, but this is not the case. Amouranth’s Twitch ban lasted three days, 35 minutes, and 36 seconds, according to the StreamerBans Twitter account. If Amouranth ever returned to Twitch, she hinted about a new “meta,” but it’s unclear what she has planned. Amouranth is doing yoga and stretching exercises while streaming at the time of this writing.

Amouranth mentioned

Amouranth mentioned the massive Twitch leak that disclosed how much streamers were paid in her video on her current Twitch ban. The leak included Amouranth’s earnings, exposing what many already suspected: that she is making a lot of money on the streaming site. Amouranth joked in the video that she is on the point of becoming homeless and that if she is ever allowed back on Twitch, she will need to come up with ways to increase her subscription count.

Because Twitch usually never provides specific answers as to why individual streamers are banned, followers will have to assume as to what prompted this latest punishment. This isn’t the first time Amouranth has been banned from Twitch, and the popular streamer’s channel could be pulled down again at any point. However, she should be alright as long as she follows Twitch’s requirements.

Amouranth has been banned from Twitch before for a number of reasons, including when she was conducting her controversial and explicit ASMR programs. Amouranth was also in the vanguard of the Twitch hot tub stream meta, which dominated the streaming site at the time and, predictably, sparked controversy. In another incident, Amouranth’s channel was temporarily blocked due to a wardrobe malfunction.

Amouranth’s previous Twitch suspensions have resulted in a spike in viewership when she returns. Nearly 7,000 people are watching Amouranth’s current Twitch stream as of this writing, with thousands more joining every second.

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