Apex Legends Season 11 Might Introduce New Tropic Island Map

Apex Legends is expected to get a new map soon, according to Respawn. According to VGC, data miners now suggest that Apex Legends will get a new map in the next season. The game previously received a new map called Olympus back in season 7, and data miners now suggest that Apex Legends will get a new map in the next season.

Apex Legends season 10: Emergence patch notes: Seer, weapons, map - Polygon
Apex Legends Season 11

Last year, data miner Shrugtal discovered references to a new map called Tropic Island in the game‘s files. Shrugtal previously leaked the Legacy 3v3 Arena mode, which was introduced in Apex Legends season 9. Garret, another data miner, claimed that the game’s files contained textures for a new version of Trident, a hovercraft introduced in season 7. The new vehicles are reportedly known as ‘Hover Vehicle Tropics,’ and they are mud-covered. According to data miners, the new Tropic Island map could be found on the planet Gaea, where Carthage spiders will be a constant threat. Along with these, Shrugtal has suggested that Respawn has started AI implementation on a larger scale for Tropic Island.

Apex Legends Season 11

Season 10 of Apex Legends, Emergence, debuted earlier this month. The updated World’s Edge map, Seer, and the Rampage LMG are all part of the new season. Respawn has released a new patch for Apex Legends that nerfs the brand-new Legend, Seer, in response to player complaints. Seer’s Heart Seeker ability, which allows him to see and hear the heartbeats of nearby enemies, was deemed overpowered by some players.

IMAGE : Apex Legends

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