Apple’s New iPhone Won’t Include A Power Adapter Or Headphones

There are a lot of people who have bought an iPhone from Apple at one point or another. Going through dozens of interactions, colours, storage options, size options and more – the iPhone has sort of become synonymous with being one of the best phones on the market constantly and continues to be a popular choice for consumers.

If you’re one of the millions that has bought an iPhone than you know the phone’s box contained a cable, a set of headphones, a power adapter for wall sockets, and of course the phone itself. Now two of those are disappearing.

From the iPhone 12 onwards, Apple is stopping providing a wall adapter and its wired headphones in boxes along with the phone. The tech company is claiming that this will save on space when transporting the product, allowing Apple to fit “up to 70 percent more products on a shipping pallet” according to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental policy and social initiatives (via Mashable).

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iPhone 12

Instead the phones will come with a USB-C to Lightening cable without the adapter which won’t even be compatible to use with the iPhone adapters you received int he past. If you want an adapter that is designed for the iPhone, you have to either share a power adapter with a MacBook or purchase the adapter separately.

Although this will lower the environmental impact by Apple who is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030, there is definitely a shift of responsibility to the consumer with making them spend extra money on products that they assume would come with the new iPhone. To some this will be a positive if they have the rest of the gear that doesn’t come with the box, but to others it’ll be inconvenient and seen as a bit of a cash grab from Apple to sell you yet another one of its products.

Featured Image Credit: Apple

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