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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – ALL MATERIALS Glitch, Spartan Bow GLITCH, Ultimate Glitch

I am going to show you a glitch that lets you farm leather or hey how’s it going kids titanium-tungsten and nickel but that’s not all it also lets you duplicate runes sound too good to be true right well it’s not before we get into it though, these materials themselves and they can do this glitch and get them pretty much for free, this is the most important thing this glitch was not discovered by me it was discovered by thor’s Mjolnir and he dropped by the stream and he mentioned it to me and shared it with me and I just wanted to make sure that you guys understood that he was the one that came up with this and huge uh a huge shout out to him and a huge thanks and uh I think everyone should be thanking him for finding those. So with that let’s get into it um how much can you get with this glitch let’s start with that so you can get 950 leather 2090 ore 49 titanium three tungsten and three nickel along with any three weapon runes you want to duplicate but there are a few requirements that need to be met for this glitch to work let’s get into that first one you need the spartan bow we’ll get into how to get it in a second but I’m just going to go through the requirements first, you also need to have access to Asgard and the way to get that access is interventor but you need to have volca’s hut built and as you can see it is over here there.

spartan bow glitch

It is walker’s hut where is this focus it’s over there it is that’s Valka’s hat sears hut you need to have that built and you need to have the ability to come back from Asgard as well so you, I think you need to complete the first mission of Asgard at a minimum you also need to have some materials to upgrade your spartan bow so if you don’t have those ingredients you’re not really going to be able to benefit from this glitch, so you need to farm up those materials beforehand and I’ll tell you how much you would need to upgrade everything you also need a certain amount of silver to do this it does cost you silver to do this glitch so if you don’t have the silver farm it up as well and then you can do this and I’ll link a video on how to do the beggar’s glitch really quickly.

I’ll make it short so it’s really easy for you guys to see and be sure to check that out as well to see how you can farm the silver really quickly you can also do the silver farming with this but it’s not going to give you enough to be able to do it all the time so it’s better to do the farmer or the beggar glitch first and then do this glitch um so let’s start with the spartan but how do you get it well the first thing you want to do in order to get the spartan bow is going to Ubisoft connect while you’re in-game, let’s go why is it popping me straight there okay anyways what you want to then do is click on rewards here and you’ll notice that you can get the spartan bow in your rewards for assassin’s creed Valhalla and it’ll cost you a hundred of these you play points in order to get it. So, you want to make sure you have a hundred before you even attempt to do this and then you can get this spartan bow once you have the spartan bow you need to go to Asgard but before we go to Asgard.

let’s see how much we have in terms of all of our materials so right now I’ve got 7300 leather, 8703 ore, 615 titanium, and for tungsten 128 for nickel 62, and for silver right now I have hundred and ninety-eight okay so remember those numbers and those are good to know, let’s get to gunner here we need to upgrade the spartan bow to mythical it’s currently at the superior quality so we find it in the lipos there it is so as you can see it’s superior lipo we want to enhance it and as you can see it costs you three nickel to operate to the flawless and then it’s gonna cost you another three tungsten to get it to the mythical status and now we have the mythical lipo now what we’re gonna do oh not exit to the desktop that’s not what we’re doing now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go over here we’re gonna upgrade the bow to level 10. so equip it a one two three four five six seven eight nine and then ten so as you can see it’s fully upgraded and let’s go take a look at our mats again and you’ll notice that it cost me some amount of leather to upgrade this it cost 950 leather to upgrade this seven 7300 to six three five zero so it cost me 950 to upgrade this uh if it was an even thousand is 6300 right now for the um or it cost me 2090 or because I had 8703 before and for the titanium it cost me 49 because I had 615 titanium before so that’s what it cost me to upgrade and then also it cost me three tungsten and three nickel so those are the costs of upgrading it now what we’re going to do it and if you want to run duplicate you can pretty much slot any rooms into this guy I’m gonna do chain fury and I’ll just put in random runes here let’s see the ability and back so I put those in so those three runes are in there now we’re gonna go to Asgard so let’s head there and keep in mind my silver was still 9298 there it didn’t change so I still had the same amount of silver after upgrading so it doesn’t cost you any silver to operate your items. it just causes you to cost you those materials so we’re gonna head over to volca and we’re gonna go to Asgard.

I’ve personally finished the Asgard questline but if you haven’t it should still work for you so we’re going to drink the Asgard potion. I’m going to skip through the dialogue and the cut scene and you have to make sure that the bow is equipped when you do this you need to have it equipped to keep that in mind when you travel here so now we’re in Asgard and there’s the spartan bow and it’s gone! for in-dept, we have a video you can check in briefly and explained way.
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