Conan the Barbarian has been shockingly acquired by Funcom

Which company is Funcom?

Conan the Barbarian

Funcom, a Norwegian video game company, announced that it has fully acquired the rights to Conan the Barbarian as well as other properties such as Mutant Year Zero and Solomon Kane. 

Funcom announced in a press release that it had acquired Cabinet Group for an undisclosed sum, as well as several iconic characters, most notably Conan. Cabinet’s entire portfolio will be absorbed into Funcom’s subsidiary Heroic Signatures, with Cabinet CEO Fredrik Malmberg taking over as President of Heroic Signatures.

The acquisition cost was not revealed. Paradox Entertainment was the previous name for the Cabinet Group. Funcom CEO Rui Casais stated in a statement that the company has high hopes for the IPs and that at least one unannounced project is already in the works.

Howard is a pulp fiction author best known for creating Conan the Barbarian and the demon-slayer Solomon Kane. While the game isn’t specifically a Conan the Barbarian game, he’ll almost certainly be a character in it.

Conan series at Netflix

The Conan the Barbarian series will be executive produced by Fredrik Malmberg and Mark Wheeler through their production company Pathfinder Media. Deadline notes Netflix is currently on the hunt for writers and directors, so the project appears to be in its early stages.

Ongoing Conan comic book from Marvel.

Marvel Comics has announced King Conan, their latest new project featuring the iconic barbarian Conan the Barbarian-hero. However, this story has a unique selling point. It’s poised to finally shed light on the last and least-known chapter of Conan’s life.

Conan Exiles the game

Conan Exiles lives up to its name – almost too well. It’s not just other players and NPCs in the world who make this survival game difficult; there are also wolves, giants, and other terrors lurking around every corner. Even if you make it through all of that, a sandstorm or the bitter northern cold could knock you out.

“We are currently supervising the development of an unannounced game that will bring together many of the characters from the Robert E. Howard universe,” Casais explained. “When you combine Funcom’s knowledge of games with Heroic Signatures’ knowledge of the TV/entertainment, publishing, and licensing industries, it puts us in an excellent position to take this venture to the next level.

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