Cyberpunk 2077 Insane Police AI

Cyberpunk 2077 as gone lite before the game was launched itself by 2012, there are some insane bugs (horrible), some are fine to ignore, they are bugs which kills you in game or throw you like a ball through entire map. Cyberpunk 2077 Police System - Who Are The Police And How It Works

Let’s get to actual detailing the Police AI!

I know AI are T-posed a lot through map even in the most serious gameplay, the cops in Nigh city can be called ninjas! Once you’re in a corner stuck these guys stop responding, when you move close to them, they react and hit you, fall back they start ignoring you like your invisible like they see you and wait for your respond in one star. Two star these guys get drones sounds promise and excited but not if you have bounty on your head, All fine till now kind of. 3 stars bamm. they teleport behind you even from an empty no place to run place like ninjas or like Witcher portal, I know Geralt hates portals but these guys love you surprise you with robots. 4 stars Bamm. out of no were a big bad drone it will  spam and shoots grenades which will kill you in a hit !

How can I escape?

Solution: Its simple, just run through streets or take a car and go fast as possible, they will not pursuit you hard, the teleportation jutsu is just to surprise you, once you know the surprise? don’t worry they won’t surprise! Cyberpunk 2077 has been removed from the Playstation store & this news was officially confirmed by PlayStation SIE due to the reason that Cyberpunk 2077 is a bugged unfinished product that was rushed to launch after 8 years of development and has ended up becoming one of the most unplayable games on the Current gen platforms despite the years taken to develop it. Now CD Projekt Red has come out and said that Cyberpunk 2077 Update Patch & Fixes wont be out until February of 2021 which is quiet a lot of time for the current state of the game, While the company keep making money selling an unfinished product. Now PlayStation decided to take it on their own hands and removed Cyberpunk 2077 from the Store completely and has told that anyone that owns cyberpunk digital version will get a refund instantly and physical versions are yet to be known. For more info on the game, Make sure to stick around in #Cyberpunk2077#Cyberpunk#CDPR

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