Genshin Impact: Leaks and Details on the Anniversary Date

Genshin Impact news and leaks never seem to stop, which is understandable given the game’s enormous popularity. Following one of the game’s most significant updates last week, a new level of anticipation for the game’s first anniversary is in the air. Thus, here’s everything we know about it so far.

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The First Birthday of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is already one of the top 10 video games in the world, even though it has only been out for a year. Apart from that, it is the most popular video game in China, with one of the greatest active player bases among all current video games.

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The anniversary of the Genshin Impact is expected to happen on September 28, 2020, while nothing has been verified yet. It will be interesting to watch how miHoYo commemorates the game’s first anniversary, as it will be the first anniversary of the game. We don’t expect anything on that scale after the game received its greatest update ever. The anniversary is still 2 months away but certain leaks suggest some interesting things which might happen during its celebration.

Expectations and Leaks of Genshin Impact Anniversary

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According to one of the leaks, it will introduce new banners and festivals and provide players a large number of free Primogems. Primogem is one of Genshin Impact’s most essential in-game currencies. As a result, it would make a lot of sense to commemorate the occasion by bringing the most joy to the supporters.

A free character of unknown rarity, a banner featuring a new character, and a replay of an old 5-star character are all supposed to be part of the first-anniversary event. Another report is that Genshin Impact would focus on depicting Lumine as the main character (instead of Aether) starting with the first anniversary.  Also, the event might revolve around Ganyu and Keqing, two of the most important personalities in Liyue. This means some cosmetic items for these two characters can be expected as well.

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Aside from that, the forthcoming anniversary event will feature some new weapons, increased artifact drops, and level-up materials. But, once again, we advise that you not get your hopes up because the majority of these rumors and speculations are just that. The truth is that no one knows how miHoYo will commemorate the first anniversary of Genshin Impact. But one thing is for sure, the first anniversary of Genshin Impact will surpass any filler event the game has seen before it.

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