Genshin Impact: Ms. Hina has gone berserk in Cosplay

Ms Hina in genshin impact gets cosplay going viral in a day made the Genshin community rise complain why so less of Ms. Hina.

Who is Ms. Hina in Genshin Impact?

Ms. Hina, as she appears in-game (Image via Genshin Impact)

Ms. Hina is the pen identify that Yae Miko created for Gorou. Her design gave the impression of a female Gorou, which led Ms. Hina’s Fanclub to assume that the 2 characters were similar. The fact is that Ms. Hina does not in fact exist.

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Where does Ms. Hina show up in Genshin Impact ?

Gorou’s Hangout quest is quite atypical in Genshin Impact, as it closely involves a character referred to as Ms. Hina and her fan membership.

Gorou didn’t know who Ms. Hina was to start with, but each he and the Traveler constantly hear about this personality. They meet her Fanclub, resulting in them eventually finding out who she is or what ms hina role in genshin

The above YouTube video contains one of the vital references is Ms Hina. She debuted in Genshin Impact 2.3 as a part of Gorou’s Hangout quest, although in an unconventional approach. The character is basically a pen name the use of what Gorou wrote at first of the Hangout Event.

Her introduction was a ploy by means of Yae Miko to boost sales for “That’s Life.” A public cutout of her exists, further expanding her popularity among those who followed the magazine’s advice column. The player even sees its debut, with much of her fan membership eagerly anticipating it as well.

What was Ms. Hina’s role in Genshin Impact?

One ending’s image in Gorou’s Hangout quest (Image via Genshin Impact)

There is some foreshadowing that Gorou is ghostwriting for Ms. Hina. The player hears from Gorou how he is no professional in terms of love. Later on, in the Hangout quest, Fanclub talks about how unhealthy her romantic recommendation is. Gorou has written masses of replies unknowingly.

Some Fanclub contributors even pointed out the resemblance between Gorou and Ms. Hina. It even ends up in them wondering if they are blood relatives. Her explosive popularity in Genshin Impact then gets the Fanclub to need to take footage with Gorou. There may be success related to finding Ms. Hina’s identity (To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question).

Genshin Impact Gorous Hangout

As humorous as Ms. Hina’s position in Genshin Impact is, she’s not found in all of Gorou’s Hangout quest routes.

The major person who involves her also offers players that aforementioned success. That direction is the Secret Identity direction. That’s the place the majority of Ms. Hina’s lore comes from, such because the player studying Gorou has been writing for her this entire time. She’s also briefly discussed in A Friend’s Path. In that direction, a resistance member referred to as Hiroaki needs to defect.

Apparently, Ms. Hina gave him the confidence to invite Gorou to take action. Unsurprisingly, the latter permits him to head. The different routes involve incidents that experience not have anything to do with Ms. Hina in Genshin Impact.

Itto Voice line about Ms.Hina

Itto’s voice lines reference Ms. Hina. He says:

“If you ever have something on your mind, you can always try writing in to “That’s Life” magazine’s advice column. Ms. Hina always manages to come up with an encouraging and heartwarming response for all her readers. Just look at me — I used to be a lost soul, but not anymore, and it’s all thanks to her. Oh, that reminds me, I managed to sign up for one of her upcoming meet-and-greets! I’ve been counting down the days — wish it would go faster…”

Ms.Hina cosplay

Fanclub went so bloom that People started doing cosplay

(By @Takomayuyi on Twitter)
(By @Takomayuyi on Twitter)
(By @Takomayuyi on Twitter)

Ms.Hina and Gorou Cosplay


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