Genshin Impact: New Map Called Fontaine Leak So Beautiful

Genshin Impact New Fontaine Map Leaked in Chines server it’s so beautiful reminds me of Italy, maybe there bringing Italien Culture.

Genshin Impact is getting Bigger and Bigger day by day with huge updates in one shot like maybe we get to see these hopefully by this year. Genshin Impact Community is getting hyped because the size makes me think only how treasures are there!

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Genshin Impact Dendro

Maybe we finally get our Dendro Users here. It seems like it’s too open Green Grass plain fields ( Pryo Characters burning spots ) with only two major cities But filled with rivers and I saw all the way top a Lake like sperm maybe that’s a kingdom.

These were the two Major and exciting Leaks were found about the New map Fontaine.

Genshin Impact pyro Archon Place

Guess many didn’t see very clearly that there is a big desert all the way on top maybe I believe it is the Fire nation.

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