Genshin Impact: One person on Earth makes it to Max Adventure Rank 60

Genshin Impact fanbase is like we really gonna ignore the fact he didn’t even collect the other AR rewards? My hand would’ve been itching real bad if it were me.

The whole Genshin Impact community is a little shocked and picking up a lot of questions now

Genshin Impact Reddit

Genshin Impact reward in Max Aventure rank 60

sadly nothing extra!

Sadly no achievement!

Questions showed on community

Do they like to keep the extra adventure XP for a future rank-up?

Is the extra mora like compensation for not having an extra level instead of being a reward?

well, the Genshin Impact developers were shocked that someone made it to the max and still didn’t respond.

Anyone else in the world ?

Only 3 people were on AR 59, and by calculations, it would take them at least 2 months for AR 60\

Free to Play Players are like “Finally my wallet can rest at last from all this resin refresh” -Account owner probably

How is it Possible?

Isn’t this too early? Chinese servers are just 2 weeks „ahead“ of us and our whales are just at the start of 59

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IMAGE : Genshin Impact Reddit

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