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Genshin Impact Web Event: All You Need To Know About Distant Voyage

In Genshine Impact, the Distant Voyage web event is a clicker game, which is very similar to what the developer has done in the past.

MiHoYo recently announced the launch of the Distant Voyage Genshin Impact web event. The Distant Voyage web event is a clicker game, which is very similar to the developer’s previous work. A player must craft items during the event and has a limited number of attempts per day, with additional attempts available by sharing the event page on the popular social media platform Twitter. Continue reading to learn more about the miHoYo login event and the miHoYo event.

Genshin Impact Web Event – Distant Voyage

There are several stages to the event. A player must craft one item in the first phase, which takes one hour. A player can also make multiple items at the same time. Parts of a larger item, on the other hand, must be crafted all at once. The event is currently underway and will conclude on July 3rd. Players should begin the event as soon as possible if they want to redeem all of the rewards. The miHoYo event can be accessed through the game’s Notices Menu.

Remember to log in to the correct server during the miHoYo login event. After visiting the event page, select the switch character option to log on to the regular server. If a player does not choose the correct server, an error message appears with the message “This character has not yet reached AR 10.” Despite the fact that the game has multiple servers, it does not share a user’s data among them. This simply means that if a player starts playing on the wrong server, the rewards will be unavailable. Once the event ends on July 3, the rewards will no longer be available.

“Travelers who were not yet at Adventure Rank 10 or above at the start of the event will receive the event mail once they reach Adventure Rank 10,” the developers say on the official website. While the current event will conclude on July 3, 2021, Genshin Impact plans to add the Inazuma region. At the same time, the version 1.7 update will be released. In the second half of Genshin Impact version 1.6, Kazuha will also be released.

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