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How to Complete the Ransacking Quest in AC Valhalla Wenlocan Outpost?

The AC Valhalla Wenlocan outpost is located southwest of the Wenlocan Abbey, near the Hill Gate Remnants. Eivor must eliminate all enemies and loot chests.

After completing the War Weary quest, a player is given the Ransacking Wenlocan quest. Eivor must steal goods from the Wenlocan outpost as part of the quest in order to weaken King Rhodri. The Wenlocan outpost is located southwest of the Wenlocan Abbey, near the Hill Gate Remnants. A player can fast travel to Hill Gate Remnants viewpoint if they have already synchronized with it.

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AC Valhalla Wenlocan Outpost Guide 

Reach the location

Climb the edge of a cliff on the hill’s slopes once you’ve arrived. The Wenlocan Outpost is located there. With his Raven, a player can locate the camp and goods. As a player approaches the pole, Odin can be used to check enemies, shipping, and the location of prisoners. Eivor must open boxes with supplies in the cavities and trees in the guard posts after he has taken down the guards.

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Get rid of all the enemies and take the treasure chests.

A player has two options at the Wenlocan outpost location. They can either complete the quest in stealth mode, which entails eliminating all enemies without drawing attention to themselves. The second option is to fight the enemies with the assistance of inmates. In any case, the guards in the AC Valhalla Wenlocan outpost must be defeated. It’s easier to kill the guards with stealth assassinations than it is to fight them, because stealth assassination kills the enemy instantly. Attacking an alert enemy may take longer and cost you some health.

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Once all chests have been looted, the quest is complete.

The inmates are housed in a cave with a wooden structure and banners on the entrance. There are also two cargo chests to loot in the cave, with others strewn about. The Ransacking Wenlocan quest will be completed once a player has looted all of the cargo chests. Additionally, some rare items can be found during or after the quest, such as a nickel ingot from a skirmisher and a brigandine helm at the back of a small cave. Stay tuned for another update on AC Valhalla.

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