New PS5 Model Features Brings Better Screw and Lighter Weight

In November 2020, Sony released the PlayStation 5, a well-received and distinctive-looking gaming console. While PlayStation has always been a popular gaming platform, the New PS5 Model is proving to be a little difficult to come by.

There have been some stock availability issues with PS5 since its inception. But it’s so good and supports so many games that fans are ready to wait for it. Anyways, we have some news about a new model of PS5 which you might find interesting.

New PS5 Model

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According to Press Start, an Australian gaming publication, newer PS5 consoles were delivered to the country last week. These consoles were different from the originals in that they were lighter and easier to use. This new model was also reported in some US stores and was featured in a Japanese gaming magazine. The following are the most significant changes in the new model.

  • The revised PS5 models include a new screw for the base stands that no longer requires a screwdriver.
  • It was reported that Sony swapped in a new screw with a grip around the top so it can be easily adjusted by hand.
  • The new PS5 models are around 300 grams (0.6 pounds) lighter than the original. It is unknown what parts Sony has chosen to remove to make it lighter, but it’s a nice improvement.
  • These updated PS5s will ship with a CFI-1102A model number, instead of the CFI-1000 of the originally distributed consoles.

What Does It Indicate?

  • First of all, the new screw design eliminates the need for a screwdriver, which took some unnecessary extra effort. It’s been made so simple that you can just assemble it using your hands and nothing else. But you still might require a screwdriver for some other things like accessing the optional removable M.2 SSD storage. It will save you some effort though.
  • Next, the weight cut down of 300 grams which are really impressive.  After all, with technology, it’s always “the lighter the better”. Some believe that it must be due to some hardware changes, which is highly doubtful.
  • Others believe that it features a new wireless communication device, which could be possible. This is because earlier, Sony indirectly expressed its interest in releasing a new PS5 model that features a modified wireless module.

Whatever the reason, it appears to be a good update because it resolves the issue with the base stand assembly and is significantly lighter.

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