Nvidia’s new hardware gaming announcement of Features in Special Event

Today, during CES 2021, Nvidia’s senior VP of GeForce, Jeff Fisher, unveiled its new generation of mobile GeForce RTX processors, bringing the Ampere RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 GPUs to gaming laptops

NVIDIA Introduces GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptops,

NVIDIA also announced a new generation of NVIDIA Ampere architecture-powered laptop GPUs.

NVIDIA’s third-gen Max-Q technologies use AI and new system optimizations to make high-performance gaming laptops faster and better than ever, With its efficient, high-performance architecture and the second generation of NVIDIA RTX™, the RTX 3060 brings amazing hardware ray-tracing capabilities and support for NVIDIA DLSS and other technologies and is priced at $329.

RTX 3060’s key specifications include:

  • 13 shader-TFLOPs
  • 25 RT-TFLOPs for ray tracing
  • 101 tensor-TFLOPs to power NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)
  • 192-bit memory interface
  • 12GB of GDDR6 memory

Resizable BAR will also be supported on GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards for desktops, starting with the GeForce RTX 3060. NVIDIA and GPU partners are readying VBIOS updates for existing GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards starting in March.

Finally, NVIDIA DLSS offers a breakthrough for gaming laptops. It uses AI and RTX Tensor Cores to deliver up to 2x to performance in the same power envelope.

They’re 30 percent faster than the PlayStation 5 and deliver 90 frames per second on the latest games at ultra settings 1080p, with twice as many pixels as the 1080p, this new generation of laptops provides a perfect blend of graphics and exceptional performance.

Laptop gamers will be able to play at 240 frames per second, across top titles like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant and Fortnite, 

Fisher introduced Dynamic Boost 2.0, which for the first time uses AI to shift power between the CPU, GPU and now, GPU memory.

The presentation also mentioned that the devices are the lowest latency Esports laptops thanks to Nvidia’s Reflex technology. Average latency stats were provided for Overwatch (20ms), Rainbow Six Siege (17ms), Valorant (16ms), and Fortnite (17ms), with all games running at well over 250 FPS .

The GeForce RTX 3060 will be available in late February, starting at $329, as custom boards — including stock-clocked and factory-overclocked models — from top add-in card providers such as ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, PNY and Zotac. Look for GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs at major retailers and etailers, as well as in gaming systems by major manufacturers and leading system builders worldwide.

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