OnlyFans’ Plan To Ban S[e]xually Explicit Content Has Devastated Creators

OnlyFans is getting out of the business of making s[e]xually explicit videos! Beginning October 1st, the company will prohibit content creators from sharing s[e]xually explicit content on its website. They will still be able to post nudity, but only if it adheres to OnlyFans’ Acceptable Use Policy.

OnlyFans’ creators have been devastated by the company’s announcement that all “s[e]xually explicit” content will be banned.

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Under its current terms of service, nudity is allowed as long as it isn’t broadcast from a country where public nudity is illegal. It will be recalled that OnlyFans had exploded amid the pandemic as sex workers, including online influencers, used it to charge fans for exclusive access to photos, videos, and other material.

Since then, the platform has attracted more than 130 million users. “Any content containing sexually explicit conduct will be prohibited from being posted on OnlyFans. We must evolve our content guidelines in order to ensure the platform’s long-term viability and to continue to foster an inclusive community of creators and fans.” According to a spokesperson for OnlyFans, LADbible.

After receiving pressure from its financial backers, the website claims to be “evolving its content guidelines.”

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However, it appears that not everyone has digested the preceding information. S*x workers and adult film stars who used the social media service platform to make money on their own terms have now been devastated. “The news about OnlyFans has completely devastated me. Anyone who has been following me recently knows that, thanks to that platform and my fans, I just narrowly avoided eviction. I’m not sure what I’m going to do next.” On Twitter, one of the creators stated.

“I have to start over completely,” said another, who identified himself as Shea. 6 MONTHS OF HARD WORK have come to an end. Right now, I’m going insane. “I’m honestly pretty devastated with the news of OnlyFans removing adult content while I’m moving platforms,” a third added. I implore you to look at this as yet another example of businesses mistreating and exploiting s[e]x workers. S[e]x work is work, plain and simple; stop acting like it isn’t.”

The decision has sparked outrage on the internet, with some creators threatening to boycott the site entirely.

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The site generated $2 billion in 2020 alone, with the company receiving a 20% cut of all content shared on the platform. OnlyFans admitted in a press statement to Variety that their new vision is the result of a need to comply with the requests of their banking partners and payout providers. According to TechCrunch, the site is under a lot of pressure to make sure it isn’t hosting child sex abuse or malicious content like revenge porn.

Banks, credit card companies such as MasterCard, which allow payment on the site, and OnlyFans’ investors are likely to be behind the upcoming change as a result of the pressure. Despite this, the company has been praised for providing a safer working environment for s[e]x workers, but s[e]x work still carries a stigma. OnlyFans, on the other hand, has stated that it will provide more information on its new policy in the future.

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