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PlayStation 5 Update – All Details and Highlights

Sony’s PS5 hardware was released in 2020, and while supply disruptions remain an issue, the device has been a huge success overall. The increased processing power of the PS5 over the PS4 is no joke, and the PS5’s SSD is a game-changer.

However, there will always be room for improvement, and Sony, as it appears to have done with the PS3 and PS4, has consistently added updates to keep the PS5 and its efficiency in check.

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PlayStation 5 Update

PS5 owners can now install a new firmware update that is approximately 902MB in size. The PlayStation 5 update 21.01-03.21.00 appears to do little more than improve system efficiency. It will, however, be required for anyone who wishes to use the PlayStation 5’s online features. Fortunately, the update isn’t too large, so it shouldn’t interfere with gameplay too much.

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This PlayStation 5 update isn’t particularly interesting, but it’s critical to keep devices fully updated with minor updates like this. While this update isn’t going to change the world, Sony has more significant updates planned for the future.

The addition of UI themes appears to be one of the most frequently requested features by fans. PS4 owners can customize their devices’ wallpaper and background music by using a variety of themes obtained through games, promotions, or purchases on the PlayStation Store.

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PS5 Interface

Because the PS5’s user interface differs significantly from that of the PS4, it’s possible that motifs for Sony’s next-generation device have yet to arrive. Nonetheless, given the number of PS4 themes that have been released over the years, we can safely assume that Sony intends to add custom themes at some point in the future. However, no official announcement has been made as of yet, so fans should keep their hopes in check.

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