PS5 DualSense Controller Works On PS3 And Switch, But Not PS4 !

It looks like the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is able to work on a bunch of consoles we might not have expected it to, including the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch. What’s even more impressive is that the next-gen controller can somehow run on these consoles ahead of launch, and yet still not be compatible with the current-gen PlayStation 4.

With PS5’s starting to appear in the wild, little bits of info have started to trickle out here and there. Last week, Resetera forum user iceblade shared images of the DualSense apparently plugged in and working with the PS3. According to iceblade, a friend managed to get their hands on controller early and was able to try it on the PS3. While it seems the controller’s home/PlayStation button doesn’t work, the rest of it functions as a DualShock 3 pad would – either plugged in or wirelessly.

More recently, Twitter user BrokenGamezHDR was able to connect the DualSense to the Nintendo Switch via use of a third-party adapter. Named the 8BitDo adapter, this handy piece of kit allows players to use pretty much any controller with the home console/handheld hybrid, rather than limit themselves to the Switch Pro controller… despite the fact that the Switch Pro controller is so clearly a lovely piece of kit, of course.

While obviously not official, fans have still raised eyebrows over the fact that the DualSense can work on PS3 and Switch yet remain useless on PS4. What’s even stranger is that the DualSense will connect to the PS4 via Bluetooth, as discovered by YouTuber MidnightMan… it just won’t work. The YouTuber also tested the controller PS3 in the same way and found it to be perfectly functional.

PS5 DualSense controller hands-on demo coming Friday, July 17 | GamesRadar+
The PS5 DualSense controller. Credit: Sony

Understandably there’s been some confusion about which controllers would work with which console. Sony confirmed a few months back that the DualShock 4 will work on the PS5 to play PS4 games, but the DualSense will not work on PS4 for… some reason.

It’s really not clear why this would be the case, especially if it can work just fine on a PS3. It’s not like there are many of us who would even want to use a DualSense controller on PS4, of course, as we’ll likely be playing our PS4 games on our new PS5… but it would have been nice to have the option.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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