Psychonauts 2 – Double Fine is refusing to crunch

Psychonauts 2 is nearing completion and has the objective of launching at some point later this year, Double Fine developer confirmed in the form of a nine-minute video hosted by Tim Schafer. All the levels are in the game and no more features are being added, so the team is now working on getting the game polished and ready to release.

The sequel to 2005’s Psychonauts, which followed a young spy with psychic abilities named Raz. The follow-up is slated to bring Raz back as an established agent who must uncover the secrets of Psychonauts Headquarters.

Schafer mentions that he’s become something of an “internal game streamer,” playing levels and builds of Psychonauts 2 while other team members listen and provide feedback on what they see. As a result, Double Fine determines what cut Psychonauts 2, and what to keep.

The studio has committed to doing Psychonauts 2 without crunch, and like Schafer says, “On the first game that was one of the worst crunch modes we’ve ever done.” The other change is that everyone’s working from home, and much of the video is footage taken from their Zoom calls, which means you get to see which staff members use backgrounds. Schafer’s is the “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” scene from The Shining.

As well as revisiting the completed levels, they’ll apparently be working on the cutscenes, end credits, front-end menu, and a post-game epilogue that will let you explore the world after completing the story—something the original Psychonauts didn’t have. So while there’s still a ways to go, it does seem like Psychonauts 2 really is on track to release this year.

Psychonauts 2 is one of two first-party games that was featured on Microsoft’s line-up of 2021 first-party games for the Xbox Series X|S. The game was announced at The Game Awards 2015 ceremony,

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