Rainbow Six Siege having Leon S. Kennedy’s Skin From Resident Evil

Leon from Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up to dress up as Resident Evil’s legendary rookie officer turned secret service operative.

Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil is now playable in Rainbow Six Siege… sort of. While the fan-favorite character is clearly competent to be an operator in his own right, Leon will have to suffice as an elite operator skin bundle for Lion, who is already playable.

Lion’s Leon uniform features all the zombie-fighting essentials—a skintight undershirt, a dagger, fancy weapon holsters, and lots and lots of ammo pouches—and is modeled by Leon’s classic look from Resident Evil 4 (without his stylish jacket). Lion’s distinctive ability is a drone, which may be used three times every round to expose the positions of moving foes. As part of this new bundle, the character’s drone will also gain a skin.

For the V308, 417, SG-CQB, P9, and LFP86, the complete elite skin bundle contains a helmet, uniform, triumph animation, drone gadget skin, charm, and weapon skins.

This isn’t the first time the Rainbow Six and Resident Evil franchises have collided. Ubisoft released a Jill Valentine skin for operator Zofia earlier this year, which featured the character wearing Jill’s distinctive STARS suit from the first Resident Evil. We can only hope Chris Redfield of Resident Evil Village is next.

Leon was most recently seen in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a new Netflix-exclusive CGI series that takes place between Resident Evil 4 and 5. Ubisoft has revealed all of the new content and upgrades coming to Rainbow Six Siege as part of Operation Crystal Guard, which will include the game’s first transgender operator, the attacker Osa. Rainbow Six will be venturing into the horror genre with an upcoming co-op focused spinoff, Rainbow Six Extraction, set to release in January 2022, not content to let Resident Evil have all the fun zombie-killing fun.

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