Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay going Super Hot on tiktok

who says Horror cant put you in mood and scare you at the same time.

Lady Dimitrescu got viral in just few days when the trailer was launched. Fans of Resident Evil were in so shocked and perv rate went so high that “Ignore the gameplay Lets just watch her choke”. This turned to a big meme and the game went viral in no time, Fans were born and they were excited to be chased by her like she desperately needs you for you blood.

Lady Dimitrescu is very tall with big curves were it was a challenge for cosplayers. Luckily there are few in the world who have done it with there amazing body figure.

Many cosplayers from tiktok popped up to glory in no time.

These are some amazing people with crazy hot talents supporting the gaming community.
Please follow all these phenomenal cosplays!

#ResidentEvilVILLAGE #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvil8

If you haven’t played the game do check out yourself other then Lady Dimitrescu the game as more to show you .

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