Who is this Samsung girl and Why Fans Gone Crazy

If you forget or were never a Samsung user, the huge Korean brand does have its own voice assistant, Bixby. Apple has Siri, while some individuals have Amazon‘s Alexa as their house assistant.

Introducing Samantha Samsung collaborated with Samsung’s marketing firm, Cheil, on the cheery, friendly mascot character Lightfarm.

Pictures of her went viral overnight, prompting a frenzy of fanart, cosplay, and modifications of the girl. Sam became a Twitter sensation almost immediately, with Rule34 memes of her circulating all over the internet.

While Sam received her 3D renders, she was only archived on Lightfarm before being removed from the site.

You won’t be able to find her on Lightfarm any longer, but don’t worry: the internet has caught up with her. She was never seen in any of Samsung’s official advertisements or products. The business wrote on Sam’s newest update’s already-deleted article:

“Throughout the process, the team devoted itself to developing realistic materials, mainly for the character’s hair and clothing, so that Sam appeared aesthetically pleasing. Sam was an incredible partnership between the Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, and we are thrilled to be part of this project!”

The internet, after all, is a highly fast-paced environment.

Cosplayers are also posing as her lately!

And the artists are getting way too excited with their fanarts.


in this covid times stay home, stay safe and dont simp on samsung girl sam.

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