EASIEST way of coding color aim on python games like halo, valorant, etc. (caution: Only for Educational purpose only)

Funcom, a Norwegian video game company, announced that it has fully acquired the rights to Conan the Barbarian as well as other properties such as Mutant Year Zero and Solomon Kane. 

PlayStation has always been a popular gaming platform, the New PS5 Model is proving to be a little difficult to come by.

Anyone can now use five EA technologies, including Apex Legends' ping system, without cost or repercussions.

PSVR 2, The next-gen PlayStation virtual reality headset will apparently have two

Apple's new Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse were first introduced in April 2021. These accessories were included with the new iMac and are now available for buy separately.

Twitter will work with Reuters and the Associated Press, two of the world's largest news organizations, to dispel misinformation on its messaging platform.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is aware of a problem with underage users on its popular multimedia messaging program, Rather than restraining them.

Manufacturers are attempting to place PS5 and Xbox Series X in the hands of those who truly require them and have been waiting for a long time via exclusive gateways.

A flying car had always been confined to the realms of our imagination, The idea of high-speed cars has come true with dual-mode cars.

The Amazon Grand Gaming Day Sale has been confirmed and We've compiled a list of the best Amazon Grand Gaming Day deals.

Following numerous rumors, Microsoft will live-stream the Windows 11 event and revealing the next generation of Windows.

Before Sony releases a significant upgrade, it announces the PS5 beta program. Many gamers are seeking for information on the subject.

Who is this Samsung girl and Why Fans Gone Crazy

NVIDIA has announced that all GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, desktop and laptop, will support Resizable BAR by the end of March.

Nvidia has just announced Upcoming Events for Financial Community

NVIDIA Studio laptops are supported by Studio Drivers

Max-Q is a system-wide approach to deliver high performance in thin and light gaming laptops. Every aspect of the laptop, chip, software, PCB design, power delivery, and thermals, are optimized for power and performance.

Nvidia worked with partners to create esports-class G-SYNC monitors with refresh rates up to 360Hz, giving discerning players and professional gamers the most responsive monitors seen to date, with the clearest picture possible, improving target acquisition and tracking.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are scheduled to launch