Twitch Insanely Trolled Us All With PlayStation 5 News

The popular streaming platform pulled an expert-level troll that ended not with the next-gen update we were craving, but with cake. Twitch played a dangerous game with the people of the internet last night, when it tricked us all into thinking it had some kind of PlayStation 5 news to share. Now I’m left with a numb feeling of disappointment. And a hunger for cake.

As noted by GamesRadar, close to 30,000 viewers tuned into a Twitch stream during the Chat’s Choice Awards as what looked an awful lot like a PlayStation 5 console sat prominently in the background. The hosts, clearly aware what all eyes were on, promised to talk about the “elephant in the room” later on in the stream. It wasn’t long before the official Twitch Twitter account got in on the fun and tipped a bucket of petrol on the hype.

Naturally, this set minds racing. Nobody was expecting Twitch to host the next big PS5 reveal, but maybe that’s what Sony wanted? Maybe we were finally about to get that all important price and release date information from the most unlikely of sources?

We were not. A couple of hours later, host Mari Takahashi grabbed the PS5 that had been teasing us all from the background of the shot for so long. After a brief discussion about Ghost Of Tsushima, she picked up a samurai sword (we all have one just lying around at home) and used it slice into the next-gen console.

Rather than a mess of wires and circuits, the “console” easily gave way to the blade to reveal that the contents were… cake. The PS5 was a cake the entire time. Over 10,000 expectant viewers abandoned the stream within seconds of this revelation, because of course they did. If I’d stuck around just for PS5 news, I probably would have been pretty ticked off too.

credit : @twitch

Fair play to Twitch though, that was definitely one way to keep people invested while also reminding us all that you never truly know what is cake and what is not. Now if you’ll excuse me, I definitely need to go and find some cake to eat.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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