Valorant’s new agent Yoru in a Cinematic Retake

Valorant on their YouTube channel unveiled the upcoming agent Yoru, an agent of Japanese origin. The latter was seen in action with Phoenix as they were trying to recapture a site after the plant.

It was Yoru Vs Jett at the end where the wind agent on offense was trying to defend the planted spike. This was ultimately won by the Japanese character as he deployed a portal right behind Jett only to teleport when she took a shot at him.

Yoru is an ‘infiltrating duelist that can sneak around and create “fakeouts” that convince the enemy they’re attacking from a specific location. Yoru’s abilities have clearly been defined in this latest video where the agent seemed to trigger a portal that allowed him to teleport when in trouble. 

The abilities of Yoru include:

Fakeout: Creates the sound of fake footsteps in a specific direction. An ability that plays on the importance of sound cues, Fakeout triggers decoy footsteps walking in a direction chosen by the player, mimicking the sound of a real player.

Gatecrash: Places a Portal that can be sent ahead and teleported through. This ability works as a teleport beacon. Yoru can either fire a tether forward and teleport to its location, or drop it in a safe spot and teleport back to it after walking away.

Blindside: Temporarily blinds enemies looking towards it. This ability is a flash grenade that only activates once it has bounced against a surface. In effect, this forces Yoru players to flash around corners, or to bounce their flash against the ground before activating it.

Dimensional Drift: Yoru’s ultimate ability makes him temporarily invisible and invulnerable to opponents, allowing him to relocate and reposition or scout ahead without being noticed while being able to move freely.

John Goscicki, Product Lead for Characters on Valorant explained in a press release, the team has been experimenting with a “stealthy infiltration” character for years. He’s meant to be a lone wolf — both in personality and playstyle — that can set up opportunities for the rest of his teammates. “we also wanted Yoru to be an Agent that could create some really high moments throughout the game,” 

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