Xbox Series X Reportedly Launching 10 November, Series S Price Leaked At US$299

Microsoft has gotten gamers all geared up and patiently waiting for more details about the next-gen consoles. Well, Microsoft insider Brad Sams has decided to jump the line and published not just a photo of the Xbox Series S, but also leaked its price.

The Xbox Series S is allegedly going for US$299, though the pricing could change in the near future. That said, the Xbox Series X could be priced around US$499. This is definitely an unbeatable price for an Xbox console, especially since the upcoming PlayStation 5 is estimated to cost US$763.

Xbox Series S

he leaked image shows the console in white, without a disc drive and a big black circle that’s supposedly meant to help with cooling that makes it reseomble something like a turntable. This is quite an interesting design choice from Microsoft given how the new Xbox Series X resembles a subwoofer speaker. Coincidence?

[UPDATE] It looks like Microsoft has just confirmed the Xbox Series S [END UPDATE]

While we still do not know the confirmed release date for this console but reports have been hinting that it will launch alongside the Series X on 10 November.

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